Qld officer’s kind gesture warms hearts around the country

TWO Queensland Police Officers have become internet sensations after their simple act of kindness went viral.

Constable Matt Boswell and Senior Constable Christopher Couch were called to a job in South Brisbane last week, where they were tasked to assist an elderly lady who had disturbed an intruder trying to break into her home.

Upon arrival at the home, the officers found that the woman’s door had been ripped off its hinges, meaning she was unable to secure her house.


Police said that the woman, who is a recent widow and lives alone, was visibly distressed.

“It was clear the lady was very shaken from the ordeal,” Constable Boswell said.

In a bid to make the elderly lady feel safe in her own home once again, the two officers sat down with the woman, making conversation to put her at ease.

But it didn’t stop there.

Constable Boswell also happened to be a tradie in his previous life, so the handy police officer used his carpentry skills to repair the elderly woman’s broken door.

When asked why, the officer said that he and his partner felt they “had a duty of care” to make sure the widow was safe and secure.

“I went to work bending the hinges back and drilling new screw holes to re-hang the door on the door jamb,” Constable Boswell said.

“It was not perfect by any means, but the door was locked and secured.”

The heartwarming story has gone viral since being posted to the Queensland Police Service Facebook page on Wednesday.

“Kudos to these wonderful kind police officers for going above and beyond to ensure this elderly resident felt safe after such an awful experience,” one person wrote.

“The world would be a better place if we had more of this. QPS should be super proud to have officers like these two in the Service.”

Another commented, “You never get to hear about all the amazing things our police do – this is a great story about human kindness.”