Qld Olympic bid stronger after successful meeting with IOC

A group of Australian delegates have furthered a potential bid for southeast Queensland to host the 2032 Olympic Games.

The group – lead by Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk – included the SEQ Council of Mayors representative and Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson, the Prime Minister’s representative Mr Ted O’Brien MP and Australian Olympic Committee President John Coates AM.

They arrived in Switzerland on Sunday, and met with the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) President Thomas Bach overnight.


It’s understood cost cutting reforms were the focus of discussions, as well as various historic changes, while the Australian delegation then demonstrated how southeast Queensland could potentially host the Olympics in 2032 with a united and collaborative approach.

Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson says the meeting has reinforced the very real prospect a ‘South East Queensland Games’ had become.

“When the Council of Mayors (SEQ) first raised the idea of an Olympic Games in 2015, I think people thought we were dreaming. Now it seems like that dream could soon become a reality.

“The IOC President has always been enthusiastic about our concept for an Olympic Games in South East Queensland, and this meeting was no different. There is a definite interest in seeing what our region could bring to the Olympic Movement.

“President Bach spoke about the journey of change that the IOC has been on, and the significant and positive impact this will have on the cost of hosting the 2032 Games. The IOC has again confirmed its commitment to a cost neutral Games in 2032.

“A clear message from the meeting was the need for all levels of government to work together with industry and the community to make this a success. An Olympic Games is at least five times bigger than the Commonwealth Games so it really requires a team effort.”

Australian Olympic Committee President John Coates said it seemed Queensland could deliver considerable benefits for the Games as well.

The Australian delegation will continue to Paris to view preparations for the 2024 Games, without Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson, who’s returning home to deal with the bushfire crisis.

It’s understood Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk will also be heading home early to support her state.

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In a display of utter contempt for the people of Queensland and it’s current state of affairs, the elitist politicians have now embarked on a bid to win the 2032 Olympics. At this point in time the QLD government is already 90 billion dollars in debt (and growing). Now I’m no economist but it seems to me that if you are in a situation where you are in debt then you can’t afford to be wasting money on frivolous non-essentials. Queensland is in the grip of severe drought, farmers cannot get assistance unless they engage with an onerous 50 pages plus application, and be on the edge of bankruptcy is order to merely qualify for a ‘loan’. Apparently the government has no money to implement drought mitigation infrastructure in order to alleviate these situations. Secondly I was reading in the Chronicle last week that 100 businesses went into administration in QLD in August alone. Apparently the QLD government cannot afford to give struggling businesses a break from their draconian taxation regime to help them through the tough times either. It does seem however that they have (I’m going to go with ‘billions’ ) plenty of money to waste on a sporting event, which, according to today Chronicle will include: an ‘80000 seat world class stadium…in Brisbane’, two athlete’s villages and a second M1 highway between Brisbane and the Gold coast. I wonder how many years QLD taxpayers will be paying off that loan? I find it obscene that the political class can show this much disregard for the people of QLD at this time. I’m not against sports or the Olympics per se but if the QLD government (of whatever party) can find money to spend on a sports event that will only benefit a small section of Queensland, and only for a couple of weeks then they can find the money to do their job and invest in the people of Queensland and the long term health of it’s nature and environment. Yet when it comes to these things it seems all they manage to find is excuses. I call on all politicians to boycott this obscenity and I call on the people of Queensland to call and write to your local members to express your disappointment in the ‘let them eat cake’ attitude they are displaying in this matter.