Qld on track to reopen to NSW, after no new coronavirus cases

Queensland has once again recorded no new cases of coronavirus overnight, and is on track for a NSW border reopening on November 1.

It’s our third day in a row of no new cases, with just six still considered active around the state.

However, there was less than half the recommended testing number, with only 1,993 people coming forward to get tested over the last 24 hours.


It comes as New South Wales once again records no new cases of community transmission, for the tenth day in a row.

They had just one new infection overnight, in a return overseas traveller already in hotel quarantine.

Queensland has stood firm on New South Wales going 28 days without community transmission, before our borders reopen to the whole of the state.

Gold Coast Chief Superintendent Mark Wheeler told The Today Show this morning that police are already in planning for that to happen on November 1.

“What that will mean, is obviously a much larger cohort of people, there will be millions more people from New South Wales eligible to come into Queensland.

“We will be reviewing our processes between now and then to get ready, and if it means some more resources, then we will ask for that.

“But people have to understand that there still will be delays, and if we go back to July when New South Wales was able to come in, we did see some delays.

“So it’s about planning ahead, making sure you’ve got your border pass in order,” Chief Supt Wheeler said.