Qld parents urged to be vigilant around driveways these school holidays

Parents are being urged to remain vigilant around driveways these school holidays, with three Queensland children hit on average each week in low-speed vehicle run overs.

RACQ Club spokesperson Steve Spalding said the holiday period was a high-risk time for children to be run over, especially around homes.

“With children playing around the house over the school break, we’re urging parents to be alert around driveways,” Mr Spalding said.


“It’s shocking these types of incidents are happening so frequently with eight children killed each year across Australia after being run over.”

Mr Spalding said driveway run overs commonly occurred when young children were unsupervised or had been playing near a vehicle.

“When reversing visibility is poor and children wander into the path of the vehicle, tragic incidents can occur. Parents need to ensure their children are supervised at all times and play areas are separated by fences from the driveway,” he said.

Former Wallaby Brendan Cannon’s 16-month-old son Sam survived a terrifying incident in 2010 where Mr Cannon accidentally reversed over his child in his Brisbane driveway.

“It’s impossible to describe how that moment felt. We’re just so incredibly lucky we still have our beautiful boy,” Mr Cannon said.

Mr Cannon said parents needed to be on high alert when driving around children.

“Sadly, one moment of driveway complacency can turn into a moment of tragedy,” he said.

“We need to be diligent and consistent in taking measures to prevent incidents like this from occurring. Parents need to be conscious of this every time they jump in the car.”