Qld parents warned after RACQ rescues 600 children from locked cars

Queensland parents have been urged to remain vigilant when travelling with children, after RACQ rescued more than 600 kids locked in cars in the first six months of the year.

The Club’s spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said it was alarming the message was still not getting through.

“That’s one hundred times every month, or roughly three times a day where our Patrols are being called to help free a child trapped inside a vehicle,” Ms Ritchie said.


“The vast majority of these are accidental lock ins, where a carer has given the child a set of keys to play with, and they’ve pressed the lock button.

On the Gold Coast alone, 92 children were rescued, with 231 youngsters rescued in Brisbane.

“There’s never a safe time to leave a child unattended in a car. Temperatures can soar to above 40 degrees in just minutes, even if your car is parked in the shade or if the window is left ajar.

“We treat children locked in cars as the highest priority, which is why we will rescue anyone whether the driver is a member or not. If you’re ever concerned about the health of a child call emergency services immediately.”

Location Number of calls for child locked in car
State-wide 605
Brisbane 231
Bundaberg 10
Cairns 19
Gladstone 4
Gold Coast 92
Mackay 13
Rockhampton 8
Sunshine Coast 40
Toowoomba 22
Townsville 21