Qld passes new anti-bikie laws

Laws to replace Queensland’s controversial anti-bikie legislation have passed the state’s hung parliament during a late sitting.

The two Katter Party MPs and Independent Billy Gordon got the laws across the line 44 votes to 41.

The opposition claims it has given outlaw motorcycle gangs the green light  to return to the sunshine state.


The suite of laws include including a new consorting offence, harsher penalties for child sex offences and a ban on outlaw bikie colours in public.

Opposition Leader Tim Nichols said the LNP stands by the former government’s VLAD laws, and Labor’s changes are simply unnecessary.

“The bikies will be back in to bat,” he warned.

“We were listening to the people of the Gold Coast; they were demanding strong action and we acted quickly and decisively.

“We didn’t need a committee and 24 months … to know that people need to be safe,” he said.

However Premier Annastasia Palaszczuk said her government has delivered on one of its key election commitments and the changes will be constitutionally solid.

“What we have seen, through the creation of these laws introduced by the Attorney General, is a robust process,” she said.

“It is a process of consultation, of inquiries, of listening to the stakeholders.

“These laws have not been rushed.”