Qld Police join forces to drive ‘One Punch Can Kill’ message

The Queensland Police Service in support of the Queensland Homicide Victims Support Group’s ‘One Punch Can Kill’ anti-violence campaign, have joined forces to curb violence in the community.

One Punch Can Kill (OPCK) is the official community awareness program of Queensland Homicide Victims Support Group and has gained both national and international recognition for its work to help reduce youth violence, and in particular single or king hits to the head.

The campaign is aimed at preventing senseless acts of violence among young people and carries the powerful message to think before you act.


To help spread the message Commissioner Ian Stewart said that the OPCK decal sticker will be affixed to all the marked police vehicles, particularly vehicles used by District Crime Prevention Coordinators, Volunteers in Policing and Police Liaison Officers.

PHOTO: Queensland Police Service

PHOTO: Queensland Police Service

“The QPS is committed to delivering the message to the community that these acts of violence can have serious, damaging and tragic consequences,” Commissioner Stewart said.

“We hope the stickers on our marked vehicle fleet will continue to raise awareness and play a very visible role in the fight against these shocking acts of violence.”

OPCK focuses on changing the attitudes of those people who are involved in violence in the hope that it will become a universal view that violence is not ok and to stop them from making a split-second decision that could ruin their lives or the lives of others.

“Branding QPS cars is a significant step to increasing the awareness and visibility of the OPCK message, especially when a police vehicle is called out to a violent situation,” OPCK General Manager Mr. Ross Thompson said.

“Although there are various phraseologies used by different people and groups surrounding the issue of violence, such as coward punch and the king hit, the essence of the original OPCK message and movement will always remain constant and that is ONE PUNCH CAN KILL, does KILL and does MAIM.”