Qld Police Minister accused of threatening MP with ‘slit throat’

Queensland’s Police Minister Jo-Ann Miller has been caught threatening an Opposition MP, allegedly making a slit throat motion while mouthing “you’re a goner” in front of other shocked MP’s.

The threatening gesture was allegedly made towards Opposition MP Tarnya Smith during Tuesday’s morning parliamentary session.

Ms Miller “made a throat slitting motion towards myself” “The Member for Bundamba then said, ‘I am going to get you’, and the Member for Bundamba then repeated the motion of the throat slitting and stated ‘you’re a goner’,” Ms Smith told Parliament on Wednesday.


However Ms Miller said the gesture was nothing more than trying to silence Ms Smith.

“During a robust debate I gestured and requested the member for Mount Ommaney to silence her repeated interjections, nothing more,” Ms Miller told Parliament.

“If the Member for Mount Ommaney misunderstood the gesture and the words I used, and has taken offence, I regret any distress this may have caused, it was never my intention to do so.”

Ms Smith wants Ms Miller referred to the Ethics Committee.