Qld police preparing border patrols into next year

Queensland police have backed the Premier’s predictions that the border measures will stay in place until at least the end of the year.

State Disaster Coordinator Steve Gollschewski has just told The Today Show, that preparations to man the borders are being made into next year.

“We have over 1,200 officers per roster dedicated to the Covid response, we’ve been doing that for many months now so we’re managing it,” he said.


“It is a strain, but we’re managing it, we’re planning ahead, we realise we may be going into next year with this type of approach, and our planning is pretty thorough around that.

We are still doing our other work. It should be noted to we get great support from the Australian Defence Force, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, Department of Transport and Main Roads and number of other agencies to assist us in manning the borders,” Mr Gollchewski said.

It follows a similar call from the Premier yesterday, who vowed to keep New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT out of Queensland until community transmission was gone, predicting that wouldn’t happen until December.

“I think we’re going to continue to see restrictions in Victoria until up around Christmas time.

“That’s very unfortunate for people living down there, but it’s a serious situation, you only have to look at what’s happening around the world, and we definitely don’t want to see that here,” the Premier said.

It comes as local businesses plead with authorities to consider easing the restrictions sooner, with fears they simply won’t make it to Christmas under current conditions.

Anthony Ardern from local business ‘Whales in Paradise’ has told Sunrise the closures just aren’t making sense.

It’s got to be tough. We are one of the fortunate ones operating well. We have a lot of local market on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane.

“There are other operators that operate day tours, bus tours, which they don’t get any benefit at all from our local customers because they have their cars already and won’t be using day tour operations to get up and see the hinterland.

“One of the things we’d like to see is not those long dates thrown out there, let’s reassess it every two weeks or so.

“So if the cases – if they do get on top of the cases – like New South Wales seems to be doing at the moment, only six community transmissions yesterday.

“We can actually look at opening sooner,” Mr Ardern said.

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It is not going to keep me from seeing my friends. I am going to go wherever I want.

I agree. I am going to be having a huge party at my house this weekend.

No you will not be – if you and leave Queensland you will be refuse entry to our state and have to prove your a Queensland permanent resident and do 14 days in mandatory quarantine detention.

They are not stopping tourists. They are allowed to go anywhere in the country.

What about people that are buying a home in qld we can’t look at what we want to buy we can buy without viewing then move and do 14 days lockdown but how does someone move a house a business and a workshop in one trip can’t be done

This is about saving life’s – Queensland is for Queenslanders.

I’m sorry but our Queensland borders will remain Closed until there is a vaccine.

Queensland citizens comes first and we just can’t risk virus infected NSW citizens into our state during this pandemic.

This is great news – we need to keep our state safe this is about remaining COVID free and we should really close our State borders until there is a vaccine.

I wonder if there will be any exemptions.
My son lives in Sydney and I don’t want to wait a year until I can see him.