Qld Police strike “significant” pay deal with State Government

After six months of negotiations, Queensland Police have reached a new pay deal with the State Government.

Under the new agreement, officers across the board will receive a 2.5% pay rise each year, for the next three years.

Queensland Police Union President Ian Leavers told myGC it’s the “the best agreement we have reached in the history of enterprise bargaining.”


“It is significant for right across the state, police at every rank and those in rural and remote areas will get a real benefit out of this agreement which we have reached today,” he said.

Police Minister Mark Ryan said it was only right and proper that police received the recognition they deserved.

“Members of the Queensland Police Service selflessly perform what is a challenging and potentially dangerous job every single day, Minister Ryan said.

“I travel the state and am always struck by the professionalism and commitment of individual police officers.

“The in-principle agreement reflects the respect we have for police, the confidence we have in police and an acknowledgement that it is demanding and complex work,” the Minister said.

Other highlights of the in-principle agreement include better recognition for Torres Strait Island Police Support officers, adjustments to allowances for specialist officers, including members of the Bomb Squad, and following on from the previous agreement, further modernisation of the police classification structure.

Once ratified, the in-principle agreement will be back-dated to become operative as of 1 July, 2019.