Qld Premier confirms exactly when we’ll know about NSW border

Queensland borders could reopen to the whole of New South Wales this Sunday, with the Premier confirming we’ll have a decision by Friday.

The state government says it typically reviews the border restrictions at the end of every month, and had previously hinted they’d make the call on New South Wales in time for the election.

With the October 31 poll date looming, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk yesterday confirmed we’ll know by the 30th whether or not we’ll be able to welcome back our southern neighbours.


“We’ve been very clear on that, everybody will know by Friday, so everyone will know,” the Premier said in Townsville yesterday.

Queensland has had its borders closed to New South Wales for the second time since August 4, adamant that the state must go 28 days without community transmission before they’re let back in.

There have since been various locally acquired cases which have thrown the proposed November 1 reopening date into doubt, but the Queensland government has remained tight-lipped about whether the ‘clock’ has had to be reset.

Queensland’s Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young has also stipulated that they’re only concerned about cases of community transmission that cannot be linked to a known cluster.

Yesterday, New South Wales recorded just one case of community transmission, but it was linked to a known cluster and the person was already in isolation.

Meantime, New South Wales ministers will meet this week to discuss when they will reopen their southern border to Victoria.

Victoria yesterday recorded no new cases of coronavirus for the first time since June 9, allowing the state to further ease restrictions from tomorrow.