Qld Premier puts public sector pay rises on hold

The Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszcuk has put impending pay rises for the public sector on hold, after severe backlash from businesses around the state.

Talks were taking place for a rise in public servant wages, with over 220,000 people looking at a 2.5 percent wage increase.

While a deal with Energy Queensland would have seen around 7,300 workers get a 3 percent rise.


Local businesses around the state, who’ve had to cut down on employees and take pay cuts during the coronavirus pandemic were outraged by the announcement yesterday.

The Premier has since declared that those pay cuts will be put on hold for the time being, telling The Today Show this morning that now is simply not the right time.

“We’ve got people out there who’ve lost their jobs, they’re hurting.

“We’ve got front line services out there; our nurses, our doctors, our fire fighters, our police, they’re doing a great job for Queenslanders.

“But in this climate at the moment, everything must be put on hold.

“It’s absolutely sensible and I’m quite sure that other people are doing the same thing,” The Premier said this morning.



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We in Corrective Services aren’t even being paid the award wage. We are paid approx 9 percent under award for our role and rather than correct it and pay us the award and the years of backpay owing the government have refused and the matter has been stalled in the QIRC since December. How can you prosecute and demonise Woolies and Coles for failure to pay the award when your doing the same Anastasia? Keep the payrise, it’s understandable, but could you mabye see fit to pay us the award wage? I could really use it to help stimulate the economy.

Has the latest pay increase for MPs been rolled back as arbitrarily.

This is ridiculous! Why freeze wages of QLD public servants has to do with others losing their jobs has no correlation whatsoever. They are still all working and some even risking their lives ( medical staff, police etc. etc.). The Qld government is just taking this opportunity to get more funding for themselves. It’s really bad timing! And no one got to have s ya in it, why aren’t unions doing anything about this, perhaps union fees need to held off for two years, that might be more useful.

Not very stimulating, considering most have been waiting for 9 mths to have these agreements signed off .

I’m a public servant. The work I do and the work my staff do is vitally important in maintaining an income for Qld’s economy, yet Anna wants to forgo a pay increase which was bargained for over 12 months ago? If we make an error in the work we do it has the potential to cost the economy billions. This compares to a $3000 gross annual pay increase. I don’t have an issue in not getting the pay increase however this is all political. Anna needs to tell me where my $3000 is going to be spent. I’d be happy for it to go on the front line to assist medical staff in the fight against COVID19. At the same time Anna wants to do me over by introducing laws that, me as a landlord will be potentially send me into financial difficulty if my tenant says that they can’t pay rent, and the tenant doesn’t even have to prove that they are in financial strife because of COVID. I’d have to sell the property to pay off the loan. A property I bought to enable me to be financially independent of the government in retirement.

To give pay rises to a select privileged few in times like this is an insult to the rest of Queensland.

Would I be wrong in thinking this is simply another example of vote buying by the Premier and the Queensland Labour Party ????

Your all still getting paid now while everyone else are struggling, shut up and be happy..It’s and insult for you to complain about a pay rise why getting full pay..

Yes maybe,but we are on the front line and are not being payed anything, unlike people on the dole, and we are still turning up to work around the clock. So nurses, cleaners, kitchen workers, and all involved in keeping all patients and residents safe need to be rewarded.