Qld Premier slammed for calling on Job Keeper extension

The Queensland Premier is under fire this morning, after she backed calls for more federal support for the tourism sector.

It comes as the Sunshine State prepares to reopen their border to Greater Sydney, despite the federal government not considering it a hotspot.

It’s understood the tourism industry has been seriously suffering, having missed out on New South Wales tourists over the Christmas period.


While a return of them will see a $1 million per day injection, it’s no where near the $10 million a day they contributed back in 2019.

It’s prompted the Queensland Premier to call on the federal government for more support, rather than committing more funds from the state government.

But new figures now suggest that the federal government has done the bulk of the heavy lifting when it comes to supporting the Queensland economy.

New data published by Newscorp shows Queensland spent the least on coronavirus stimulus than anywhere else in the country, at 2 percent of Gross State Product.

While Canberra has injected nearly $28 billion in direct economic support to homes and businesses in Queensland, which is more than 3 times the $8.8 billion spent by the state government.

Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg told Sunrise this morning that the Premier’s request for more support seems a bit rich.

“The Morrison Government has delivered unprecedented amount of economic support to Queensland, as we have delivered three times the amount of support to Queenslanders that the
Queensland government has committed to.

“$27.9 billion of support. Annastacia Palaszczuk’s government has committed $8.8 billion of support.

“We saw one 1.5 million Queenslanders receive the two payments. We have seen over 100,000 businesses in Queensland receive the cash flow boost, and of course we have seen other significant payments and support from the Morrison Government go to backing Queensland.

“We have and will continue to support Queenslanders, but the Federal Government has done the bulk of the heavy lifting,” Mr Frydenberg said.

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What else do you expect from this. Premier all she wants is hand out.

I believe she is entitled to the federal government extension of assistance.
Why? Because closed borders destroyed not only tourism but many small business.
What most people don’t understand is although the state’s closed borders. The federal government played dirty politics allowing the destruction of so many businesses.
Under the Constitution borders are a federal responsibility. The federal government allowing states to cause so much damage it’s only right the federal government take responsibility and continue the financial assistance to a problem they allowed.

Bob, this mess is the premiers own doing,over the top border restriction, close Bris for one then two cases and the list goes on. Half the state bought her keeping QLd safe mantra, this is now the outcome.
Pity she doesn’t have the same focus on keeping us safe from crime.

And under the constitution the borders are supposed to be open, I guess you get what you vote for

The constitution states the borders must be open for free trade – and they were.

Bob, You are in dreamland and seem to be making it up as you go along? You need to find out the real facts….

Section 92

Section 92 of the Australian Constitution relevantly states that:

On the imposition of uniform duties of customs, trade, commerce and intercourse among States … shall be absolutely free.

“free”.. as in “free of duty”..
The constitution is forbidding states from charging “import duties” from other states.

Please don’t try to use information you don’t understand in a discussion.

Typical of Annastacia ,not helping small businesses and playing around with border closures, then pretending the federal government (taxpayer) should cough up money .Of course she has increased salaries for herself and government employees in the meantime’s we know who she is really looking out for

NSW folk would have to be bonkers to book a holiday here in Queensland at the moment. Why would given the risk that the border might close at the drop of a hat.

Oh and why oh why is the Premier now pleading with people to come and holiday here.. the school holidays just finished.. “numpty!”

Federal income is about 10 times Queensland state income – and they are boasting about giving 3 times what Qld did…. and all you muppets support that arguement? You people will believe anything anyone tells you…