Qld Premier slammed for rejecting claims that border closures are hurting businesses

The Palaszczuk Government is now rejecting claims that the border closures are hurting tourism businesses, as a high court battle begins heating up.

There are now six plaintiffs, made up of travel companies and other individuals, who’ve lodged court action against the closures.

They claim the closures have become unconstitutional and are causing financial hardship.


But according to court documents, the state government has refused those claims, and has requested proof of economic struggle from businesses.

LNP Leader Deb Frecklington’s posted on Facebook that the Premier is ‘totally out of touch’.

“Annastacia Palaszczuk must be the only person in Queensland who thinks the border closure isn’t closing businesses and costing jobs.

“This is despite Labor admitting last week that they have done no economic modelling on the closure,” Her post reads.

An urgent hearing is expected to be held today.

It comes as a new study reveals just how much the border closures are impacting the Gold Coast.

The city is set to lose more than $1.2 billion in interstate revenue over the next three months if the border closures remain in place.

A National Visitor Survey shows southern visitors spent three times more than Queensland travellers in the July quarter last year.

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I thought Patmysak was just being stubborn, turns out she is actually ignorant, deluded and completely out of to touch, just open the border FFS!

I hope you are not just recognizing that. I remember when she got in. Labour thought they were going to lose, so they put her on the ticket, then they were stuck with her after her shocking win. She was never supposed to have won.

The only positive out of this is that she’s ensuring she doesn’t get re-elected in October.

Never run a small business that I can tell from her history, and totally out of touch in her privileged public servant role with guaranteed income from the public purse. If she took her snout out of the trough for 5 minutes and looked up, she might take note of what’s going on around her.

Perfectly written Steve!

Thank you Leanne

How much is a life worth to Dear Deb there were 30 businesses driving around Main Beach the other day if they are making so much money who is going to be sorry for them who is delusional now

So you are against the thousands of people that protested over the weekend? this endangered us all by your logic. SO if there are any deaths traced back to these protests I expect to see you screaming from the rooftops slamming them? No you are delusional supporting our current Premier. You must work in a government job protected from all the hardship the rest of us are having to deal with.

Go on come back with a smug reply justifying allowing the protest to go ahead but some how reason the borders need to remain shut!!!!!!

If this is really what they think…

“The Palaszczuk Government is now rejecting claims that the border closures are hurting tourism businesses, as a high court battle begins heating up.”

All businesses in Qld are in trouble.

YES the border closure is hurting businesses especially along the border of NSW & Qld
. People are DESPERATE for the border to be reopened.

Open the border so that people can have jobs and businesses will be able to operate. Right now people are desperate to get the border reopened. If it’s necessary, yes we can re-close the border but for now let’s open it so people can get on with life.