Qld Premier to formally request border negotiations with NSW

The Queensland Premier is expected to make a formal request to the NSW Premier today, to come to the table on the border issue.

There had been talk of moving the checkpoint around 7 kilometres south to Banora Point for some point, with both the Gold Coast Mayor and the Queensland Premier open to it.

But it’s understood there’s been opposition from some members of the Tweed Council and the NSW Premier.


Qld Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is expected to write a formal request to begin discussions today, in an effort to fix some of the dramas.

It comes as Australian Defence Force troops were deployed to the checkpoints through Coolangatta/Tweed yesterday, which has eased some of the traffic dramas.

Captain Bradley White is at the border crossing this morning, telling The Today Show they’re supporting police make the process quicker for locals.

We had 60 additional personnel join my task group to assist the police along the Queensland border.

“That also goes along with the other 90 people we have along the Queensland border on the western side of the border on the western side of the border.

“They’re just there to assist the police in monitoring it traffic flow and giving them support where required to ease their workload on the border checkpoints,” Captain Bradley said.

Meantime, Queensland has reported no new cases of coronavirus over the weekend, while New South Wales reported 15 cases on Saturday and 18 cases on Sunday.

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So NSW residents will still need to que to get the better services offered in QLD.
Schools, medical, restaurant’s etc.!!!

Joe the waiting is in the afternoon when QLD residence are going home from a long day at work. I’m 1 of those workers waiting 2 hours to get home.

There is no Covid 19 in Northern NSW. This border rubbish is just so workers that work in the tweed have to wait 2 hours to get home to their families. A clear case of who has control over every part of our lives.