Qld primary school students consume ‘mystical fire’ mistaking it for lollies

UPDATE: Paramedics have confirmed 25 Primary School students ingested ‘mystical fire’ at a school in the Moreton Bay region this afternoon.

Queensland Ambulance crews raced to Deception Bay North State School around 2.20pm after receiving reports up to 25 children had fallen ill.

All students were treated at the scene after suffering nausea and burning throats.


In total, four children have been transported to hospital for further treatment. They are all in a stable condition.

Initial investigations suggest the students, all aged under 12-years-old, ingested the chemical after mistaking it for popping candy.

Police are investigating how the children came to be in possession of the mystical fire.

Mystical fire is a copper based novelty product which can be used to colour the flames of any wood burning fire. It can be purchased from a variety of camping stores.

EARLIER: Up to 25 primary school students have fallen ill after ingesting an unknown substance at a school in the Moreton Bay region this afternoon.

Queensland Ambulance confirmed that they were “currently assessing a number of students at a Deception Bay state school after ingesting a yet to be determined substance.”

Early reports suggest the unknown substance may have been ‘Mystical Fire’, with the students, all aged under 12-years-old, mistaking it for popping candy.

The students are believed to have suffered nausea and burning throats.

A school representative is expected to speak at 4.20pm.

More to come.