Qld primary school students to get free swimming lessons

Great news today with the announcement all Queensland primary school students will receive free water safety lessons from next year!

The State Government confirmed they will be committing $3.68 million annually to increase and expand in-school swimming programs for kids, a funding boost of $2.18 million per year.

“This additional funding will mean all state schools with primary students will be funded to provide water safety and/or learn to swim programs,” Education Minister Grace Grace said.


“We know that swimming and water sports are an integral part of Queensland life, and we want to ensure that our children are safe in and around the water.”

It comes following the final Water Safety Roundtable meeting held in Brisbane.

“We sought advice from a range of experienced stakeholders, including representatives from swimming safety organisations, school sectors and parent and teacher peak bodies, to find the best practice solutions to improving water safety for Queenslanders,” Ms Grace said.

The new water safety measures have been welcomed by Surf Life Saving Queensland CEO, John Brennan.

“We’ve always known Queensland as the Sunshine State and now we are clearly on the map as the Water Safe State,” Mr Brennan said.

“I thank the Minister for bringing all key stakeholders together to develop some real solutions to improve water safety for all Queensland children.”

The Water Safety Roundtable included representatives from Surf Life Saving Queensland, Royal Life Saving Association Australia, AUSTSWIM, Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association, P&Cs Queensland, Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association, Parents and Friends Federation, Principals’ Association Presidents, Independent Schools Queensland and the Queensland Catholic Education Commission and from a range of government agencies.

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I thought they already had that. I am sure my kids had swimming at primary school. I know I did in the 50’s in Victoria. We used to have lessons in the bay.

I thought they already had them. It is a good thing, especially for the parents who cannot afford private ones.

WHOHOO great news, I just hope the Govt ensures the programs offered are vital to children learning swimsafer techniques in all aquatic environments, especially in the older grades.
The younger children focus on safety around water, falling in dressed and be able to save themselves as opposed to standing up in a pool and doing minimal safety techniques. I would hope that at then end of the week/program children would be able to save themselves or recognise specific aquatic dangers appropriate to their age.

Why only “State school students “? So children who no fault of their own. Who’s parents for whatever reason (assuming religious ((my reasoning for paying..to send my kids to a Catholic school n saving the Government a fortune )) means my or any other child in the private systems life is not worth as much as a kid at a State School.
Stop the bulls*** US n THEM crap. Kids are kids.
If Grace Grace has some grace she wouldn’t separate n divide according to ”
“School “. We are not rich, urban SE Qld oligarchs. Just average Central Queensland tax paying, school fee paying, parents who want equality for our kids.

Very big difference between water safety and learn to swim lessons. I think there is some confusion in this space. Water safety lessons do not require a pool.