Qld quarantine hotel locked down over possible transmission

Queensland Health is investigating possible links between an infected Brisbane doctor and a different hotel quarantine case.

It’s understood the doctor, who tested positive on Friday, was called into the Covid-19 ward at the Princess Alexandra Hospital on Wednesday morning.

She did not usually work on that ward and was yet to receive her coronavirus vaccine.


It’s now been revealed through genomic testing that her infection is linked to one of the infected people she assessed that morning.

A third hotel quarantine person, who was staying on the same floor as the one who’s been linked to the doctor, has since tested positive.

This was the case announced yesterday from hotel quarantine.

“What we know is that case one is the person who was brought into the hospital on the 9th of March,” Health Minister Yvette D’Ath clarified in today’s press conference.

“Case two was the doctor who got it off the person who came in on the ninth.

“And case three is a person in hotel quarantine on the same floor as case one,” Minister D’Ath said.

It’s prompted the Hotel Grand Chancellor in Brisbane to go into lockdown for a second time, but authorities have assured that it’s not related to the floor involved in the last investigation.

Deputy Chief Health Officier Sonya Bennett says the information isn’t quite adding up, so they have to look into it to be sure.

“With respect to yesterday, we spoke about the potential link of the health care worker and one of the cases that she had assessed, and genomic sequencing hasn’t quite confirmed the link – there isn’t enough virus.

“But what the laboratory was able to do – or partially sequence – is that there is a link between the worker and one of the cases she assessed.

“Unfortunately there was another new case that we announced yesterday, and the whole genomic sequencing also indicates that that case may potentially be linked to the first case.

“That is under review. They both travelled through the same area on the way, this new case from yesterday tested positive on day 12 – so it was an exit test and they were symptomatic.

“So the information is all a little bit unusual and we want to rule out that there’s been any transmission at all in the hotel,” Doctor Bennett said.

Also overnight, Queensland Health has confirmed that all close contacts of the Brisbane doctor have tested negative so far.

While around 240 contacts have been identified and will be tested and isolated.

There was also one new case added to the tally overnight, but it’s understood to be a historic case that authorities are not currently worried about.