Qld records 1 new case as dozens caught breaching virus rules

Queensland has recorded just one new case of coronavirus today, as locals head outdoors to make the most of their second day of relaxed restrictions.

Health Minister Steven Miles said today’s low number proves the state has “flattened the curve quite dramatically”.

“That’s a fantastic result for Queensland… just one more case, very very low numbers,” he said.


It takes the state total to 1035, however 976 of those have now fully recovered.

Mr Miles confirmed there are now just 53 active cases across the state.

“We have just nine patients in hospital at the moment, and all of those are in the South East,” he said.

“Four of those are in intensive care units”.

Queensland’s first day of freedom did come at a cost to some people, who were fined after being caught breaching virus rules.

32 infringement notices have been handed out in the past 24 hours, as police beef up their patrols in popular spots like beaches and parks for the long weekend.

Mr Miles said he believes that’s not too bad considering how many people have been out and about.

“In a state the size of Queensland, I think it’s a testament to just how committed Queenslanders are to keeping our cases low,” he said.

“We know that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, that if we all do the right thing, and keep our numbers low, we will get more freedoms back down the track.”

Since yesterday, more than 2400 vehicles have also been intercepted at the border, with just 22 of those turned around.

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Too many people walking along the waterfront at Wynnum -Manly ,far more than normal, it was so busy many people could not keep safe distance.

Been driving out and about and the level of speeding drivers is ridiculous. Witnessed a Ute driver P player throw his beer bottle out the door onto a clean strip of green grass with no conscious thought, then nearly crash into the person in front of him. I am more scared about going out in the public then before. A retail person walks straight past me in a narrow aisle when the other 3 were empty. Nerang state forest where I live, has never been so busy, but the amount of rubbish i am having to pick up is disgraceful. From us giving our earths plain time to breathe and heal, then to go back to human race damaging effects, makes one loss faith so fast.
Can someone please shed some light on what responsibility we have to look after the earth and human Man KIND!.EXPRESSIVE WORD KIND.
Can we have people in shopping centres, supermarkets, public areas of gathering voice over through speakers reminders of social distancing importance, patience, and kindness. We may actually give our kids a chance to see the next millennium.