Qld records 1158 new cases, scraps day five test for travellers

Queensland has recorded another sharp increase in COVID-19 cases with 1158 reported on Tuesday.

That’s up from 784 recorded on Monday.

The number of active cases in the state has risen to 4779.


Just six people are currently receiving treatment for COVID in Queensland hospitals however, none are in ICU.

“This indicates that the vaccines are working but we do encourage everyone, particularly the elderly and those with underlying immune disorders to come forward and get their third dose as soon as they are eligible,” Chief Health Officer John Gerrard said.

“But so far we are not seeing large numbers of patients being admitted to hospital despite significant transmission throughout the Queensland community.”

More than 32,000 tests were carried out across the state in the last 24 hours.

Meantime, the state government has announced the immediate scrapping of the day five PCR test for interstate travellers.

Health Minister Yvette D’ath says analysis shows the test is not necessary.

“The Chief Health Officer has advised the data we have received just in the last 24 hours can show that we are only seeing about 0.6 per cent of positive cases coming from those day five tests,” Ms D’ath said.

“That means that the Chief Health Officer has advised that we no longer need to continue the test.

“Anyone who is waiting in lines now for their day five test can leave.”

The day five testing requirement had been contributing to massive queues at testing clinics right across the state, particularly on the Gold Coast.

However, officials warn it will take a bit more time to update the online border pass system.

People applying for a pass over the next few days are being urged to continue agreeing to get a day five test during the application process, even though the test is no longer required.

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate welcomed the scrapping of the day five test.

“Great news. I applaud the Premier and know the tourism and business sectors will be delighted to hear the news,” Mayor Tate said.

“Covid is here, right across the State, which is what was always going to occur once tight border restrictions were lifted on December 13.

“Living with Covid is about acceptance that the virus must spread before we arrive at a state of normality.”

The Health Minister confirmed they are still considering changing the testing rules for people entering Queensland.

But she insists there will be some kind of testing required for the time being.

“We are currently looking at whether we can move to the rapid antigen test from the 1st of January but we’ve also got to make sure there’s adequate supply.

“But, we know the pre-arrival test is a really important test as opposed to the day five test.”

More to come.