Qld records 3,750 COVID-19 cases, six deaths

Queensland has recorded another drop in COVID-19 cases with 3,750 infections detected in the last reporting period.

There were a further six deaths, one person aged in their 50s, one in their 60s, one in their 80s and two in their 90s.

Three of those were aged care residents taking the total number of deaths in aged care in Queensland to 200.


Hospitalisations have remained relatively stable with 484 people receiving treatment in public hospitals and another 30 in private. 40 people are in ICU and 20 are on ventilators.

In the last 24 hour reporting period there were another 963 cases detected in school-aged children including 527 in the 5-11 age group and 436 in the 12-17 age group.

Chief Health Officer Dr John Gerrard said there had not been a significant rise in cases in school-aged children since Term 1 began a week ago but they were still being cautious.

“It’s only been just on a week since children have gone back to school so what will happen this week will certainly be very interesting,” Dr Gerrard said.

“We’ll be watching that very closely.

“We had very significant numbers of cases in children three weeks ago which have been coming down.

“The degree of immunity in school-aged children is still not clear so exactly what is going to happen over the next week or two among children in school isn’t clear.

“But we’ll learn in the next few days if the numbers do or do not increase.”

Meanwhile, the Health Minister admitted the daily COVID-19 updates from health officials could soon become a thing of the past.

“I think we are getting closer to being able to simply put the numbers up and report them at a consistent time every day,” Minister D’Ath said.

“Unless there is something out of the ordinary or particularly important that we believed needs to be reported at press conferences.

“Not quite there yet but I think we’re very close if we continue to see this trend happening for the next few days.”