Qld records 39 COVID-19 related deaths, 5665 cases

Queensland has recorded it’s largest daily number of COVID-19 deaths but the Chief Health Officer admits not all happened in the last reporting period.

The state has reported another 39 deaths, including on person aged in their 50s, five in their 60s, ten in their 70s, 12 in their 80s, ten in their 90s and one person was over 100.

21 of these deaths were in aged care facilities, taking the total number of deaths in aged care to 229.


However, Chief Health Officer Dr John Gerrard said it was important to note that not all of the deaths occurred in the last 24 hours.

He admits there was a lag in the reported data and 27 of the deaths happened over the last month.

“In the interest of public disclosure, we have adopted an approach whereby we report deaths as soon as they are reported from a variety of direct sources,” he said.

“This might be emergency departments, public health units, residential aged care facilities.

“In addition to that, we receive a report from the Department of Births, Deaths and Marriages that includes anyone who has died with a recently positive COVID-19 test and these reports go back a number of weeks.

“We reconcile what we have already reported .. and this week we received a report where there were 27 addition cases that extend back to mid-January.

Dr Gerrard said the deaths to not indicate a significant increase.

“The data clearly shows that the number of deaths from COVID-19 have been falling steadily since the last week of January as we passed the peak,” he said.

“Most of these cases did occur several weeks ago and it does not indicate a sudden peak in cases.”

He also said it was important people understood not every single person who has died with a recent COVID-19 test is included in the numbers, particularly younger people.

“If it is obvious that person has died from an alternative cause such as a motor vehicle accident, and that has happened on a number of occasions, and they’ve just happened to have a positive COVID test, I will exclude those,” he said.

“But if there is any doubt, they are just included.

“So unless it is very obvious there is an alternative cause of death they will be included in the daily tally.”

Dr Gerrard said he was pleased to see the number of people in hospital continuing to decrease.

“Our numbers continue to drop dramatically,” he said.

“The numbers of inpatients in hospitals have dropped by more than 100 since Monday.”

There are now 382 people receiving treatment in public facilities and another 26 in private hospitals. There are 35 people in ICU.

The number of school-aged children who have tested positive is down on the previous 24-hours.

There were another 1,668 cases including 923 aged between 5-11 and another 745 aged between 12-17.