Qld records 42 new cases as quarantine-breacher found at Gold Coast shopping centre

Queensland has recorded another spike in COVID-19 cases, with 42 new infections detected in the past 24 hours.

The new cases are spread across the state, with Chief Health Officer John Gerrard warning infections are only going to rise.

“If this rate continues we will see significant numbers in January as predicted,” he said.


Dr Gerrard said it may still seem like a “small number” but today’s increase was double what was recorded 48 hours ago.

In some good news, all of the cases, with the exception of one, have minimal or no symptoms.

“The one patient who is moderately unwell and breathless was unvaccinated,” Dr Gerrard said.

“It is disappointing to see that at this stage of the global pandemic, when every Queenslander has been given the opportunity to get vaccinated, that we are still seeing unvaccinated patients being admitted to hospital with significant symptoms”.

COVID-19 has now spread to Mt Isa, with the State’s top doctor issuing a grim warning about the virus outlook over the next few weeks.

“It’s not just the coastal cities that are affected, now it’s the inland cities,” he said.

“So all Queenslanders must consider themselves potentially exposed, or it is likely that most Queenslanders will be potentially exposed to this virus in the coming weeks”.

Dr Gerrard also admitted that the Omicron strain is spreading quicker than first thought, revealing it will become the dominant strain in Queensland within days.

“I can also tell you that information in the last 24 hours suggests that the Omicron strain is becoming dominant in Queensland, with 21 out of the 25 last tested viruses being found to be the Omicron strain,” he said.

“And this is happening very rapidly, again even more rapidly than we originally predicted, we thought it might take weeks but if this trend continues it will be dominant within days.

“Omicron is very contagious but it appears at this stage that the vaccine is very effective in preventing severe disease which is the main thing.

“Most of the patients that we have seen who are vaccinated and have the Omicron strain have very mild symptoms.”

Meantime, Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll said in the past 24 hours police had issued four adults with cautions at Gold Coast restaurant Pancakes in Paradise for failing to follow the state’s new vaccine mandates.

“Further action and investigating is taking place in relation to that for obviously failing to comply with the direction of being fully vaccinated to enter such premises,” Commissioner Carroll said.

A man was also issued with a fine after he was busted breaching home quarantine on the Gold Coast before being tracked down at one of the city’s busiest shopping centres.

Commissioner Carroll said police were conducting a compliance check on the man when he could not be located at his home.

Speaking to reporters on Sunday, she said the man was later located at Robina Town Centre and escorted back to his property with a fine in tow.

It’s also been revealed officers from the Coomera district are now covering shifts at Beenleigh after an officer there tested positive to COVID-19.

Commissioner Carroll said the officer’s infection has been linked to the Burleigh gym cluster from several days ago.

It’s forced at least 20 police officers from the Beenleigh Station into isolation as they undergo testing.