Qld records highest amount of interstate migrants in Australia

New data has shown Queensland’s received the most interstate migrants in the back end of last year, all likely due to Covid.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released it’s latest Regional Internal Migration report, for the September quarter of 2020.

It shows that around 7,200 people relocated to the Sunshine State, compared with 6,800 in the previous quarter.


It’s our largest gain since the December 2017 quarter, where 7,700 people chose to relocate here.

We apparently gained the most people from New South Wales (around 4,000), and only lost people to Western Australia (around 30).

Victoria suffered its biggest loss of people since the 90’s with 3,700 moving away – mostly to Queensland.

While not a single person from any state moved down there.

In terms of capital cities, Sydney has lost the most people, with around 7,800 leaving in the September quarter.

And Brisbane gained the most people through net internal migration, with around 3,200 migrating there.

For more information, see the full report here.

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And it still continues. You can’t even buy a house in the Narangba/Glass Mountain region as they are snapped up within days of being on the market. The market has gone crazy there and it’s probably similar in other areas.