Qld records two cases as Premier considers relaxing pub rules

Queensland has recorded another two cases of coronavirus.

One of the cases is an old patient, who has been added onto the state’s tally, taking it to 1060.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says the other is a new active case that is being monitored.


“We’re just monitoring that one because it may change later on during the week, we’re not concerned about that one at this stage,” she told reporters at a press conference on the Gold Coast on Saturday.

Ms Palaszczuk says there are now 13 active cases across the state, which is “tremendous news”.

Four of those are in hospital, including one in intensive care.

It comes as the Queensland Government confirms it’s looking into the possibility of easing some coronavirus restrictions for the hospitality sector from next month.

The Premier said she has been given a Covid-Safe plan from Restaurant and Catering Australia, which outlines a series of measures including banning buffets and laminating menus.

If the State Government approves the plan, Gold Coast pubs and restaurants would be allowed to host up to 50 people by Stage Two, instead of just 20.

“Very clearly in our road map, we have actually said there very clearly in the Second Stage there is the opportunity for more customers to be allowed if they have Covid plans in place,” the Premier said.

“I really want to thank the catering association, they have been working with the government and they have submitted their plan.

“We will be looking at that in a lot of detail and if they can put in place those Covid-Safe plans we could see an increase in numbers by Stage Two.”

However, the Premier is remaining firm on her stance in regards to keeping the borders closed, despite desperate pleas from tourism bosses.

It could be September before the state is reopened, with One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson even looking at High Court action, arguing the border shutdown is unconstitutional.

Premier Palaszczuk told reporters on Saturday that she’s continuing to review the situation monthly.

“They are reviewed every month. I’m not going to go into hypotheticals, they’ve reviewed every month,” she said.

“We are the envy of other parts of the world. We are better than New Zealand and we don’t want to put that at risk.

“Of course we want to see the economy open and the economy will be able to open in a sensible and gradual manner because we have done such a remarkable job with the health crisis, and honestly that’s a credit to every single person in Queensland.”

The Premier and Minister for Innovation and Tourism Industry Development Kate Jones are set to meet with different members of the tourism industry and Mayor Tom Tate on the Gold Coast this coming week.

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Why is Qld copping all the flack about border closures when nearly every other state is doing the same?

Because NSW is a bloody mess and needs to blame anyone they can.

Quite simply because the tourism sector in Queensland provide income to a larger percentage of the population than the other states. The lost income to the families and businesses cannot be understated

So we are supposed to let tourists from NSW and Victoria who still have Covid figures into QLD that’s really smart in stopping a second wave of Covid all for a few lousy dollars.

So why not open the borders to states that have minimal or no active cases of covid?
Win win situation in my mind.