Qld records two local COVID cases, restrictions to be tightened

Queensland has recorded two new local cases of COVID-19 with officials warning the pair has spent a considerable amount of time in the community while infectious.

It comes as the Premier announces some restrictions in Queensland would be tightened again, just two days after they were eased.

A worker from the DFO at Brisbane Airport has been diagnosed with the virus, however, it’s believed she contracted it from someone who attended the same Portuguese restaurant as an infected flight attendant last weekend.


Their partner, who works on the Sunshine Coast has now also tested positive.

It’s believed the pair has the Alpha variant or UK strain, not the highly infectious Delta variant.

Queensland Health will publish a list of potential exposure sites later on Sunday, but Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young confirmed the pair had visited “a lot of sites.”

Several gyms, several shopping centres, etcetera. That’s really important. If everyone, once we’ve got that information up on the website, could you please go and check whether you’ve been at any of those sites,” Dr Young said.

Hundreds at risk after mine worker tests positive

Officials are trying to track down up to 700 FIFO workers after a mine worker tested positive following a short stint in a Brisbane quarantine hotel.

The worker spent a night at the Novotel Hotel after flying in from Victoria on June 18 but it’s unclear if he contracted the virus in Victoria or in quarantine in Brisbane.

He then worked in a mine in the Northern Territory along with hundreds of others, many of who have since returned to Queensland.

“Anyone who works in that mine – there are about 700 or so people I’m told by the Northern Territory, that have been made close contact.

“If any of those people are in Queensland, we’re currently contacting them. We’ve already got hold of several and testing them and they’ve gone into quarantine.”

Positive flight attendant sparks COVID alerts

Queensland Health is contacting passengers on several Virgin flights into and out of Queensland after a flight attendant tested positive.

The Sydney-based cabin crew member flew five interstate flights on Friday and Saturday before testing positive following a rapid test on Saturday night.

The flight attendant was a close contact of a known case in Sydney but was unaware until after they had completed their flights on Saturday.

The affected staff member flew from Sydney to Brisbane on Friday then from Brisbane to Melbourne where they had an overnight stop.

They then flew Melbourne to Sydney, then Sydney to the Gold Coast before the return flight from the Gold Coast to Sydney.

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Dr Young says people on those flights will have to quarantine for 14 days.

“Fortunately, the flights were empty because of all of the restrictions.

There have been Queenslanders on the other flights. There were five flights in total. Queenslanders on the other flights into Melbourne and Sydney, so we’ll be making sure that those people are contacted, they’re back in Queensland and they’ll be in quarantine as well for the 14 days.”

Stay at home orders for NSW travellers

The Chief Health Officer has now made it mandatory for anyone who has been in the Greater Sydney area since June 21 to stay at home in line with the Sydney lockdown.

That covers 35 local government areas including the Blue Mountains, Central Coast and Wollongong.

People who have been in Greater Sydney since last week must stay at home for 14 days from the time they left.

They can only leave home for essential reasons including shopping, medical appointments, exercise, essential work or to care for a loved one.

Those who breach the stay at home orders could be fined between $1000 and $4000.

Restrictions tightened again

Queensland will wind back some of the eased restrictions that only came into effect on Friday.

From 6am Monday, venues will have to revert back to the one person per two square metre rule and household gatherings will be limited to a maximum of 100 people.

Buffets and smorgasbord, which only returned on Friday will be allowed to continue.

The restrictions will remain in place for the duration of the Greater Sydney lockdown.

“We’re not winding them back as far as New South Wales has because we don’t have those outbreaks here. If we were to get outbreaks, of course, we would, as we’ve always done, consider what we need to keep people safe,” Dr Young said.