Qld records two new COVD-19 cases as state reaches vaccination milestone

QUEENSLAND has recorded two new cases of COVID-19, both in hotel quarantine.

The first was a local case that was acquired in New South Wales and picked up on the first day of their stay in hotel quarantine.

Health Minister Yvette D’Ath confirmed he flew into Brisbane Domestic Airport on September 17 on flight QF516.


“He was fully vaccinated,” Ms D’Ath said.

“We don’t have a lot of concern in relation to this one because any flights coming in from New South Wales are deemed ‘red flights’ anyway.

“So people getting off those flights are deemed to potentially be infectious and are generally going into hotel quarantine.

“So we’re pretty confident that there’s low risk in relation to that case.”

The other case was overseas acquired and also detected in hotel quarantine.

However, there was a third case of concern that has not been included in today’s numbers because it was detected in the Northern Territory.

The person flew from Newcastle to Brisbane on flight JQ484 on September 17 and spent around four hours at the airport before traveling on to the Northern Territory where they have since returned a positive result.

“We will potentially be putting up information about the length of time that person was there and the gate that they left from,” the Health Minister said.

“Again, the flight that they came in on was deemed a red flight anyway.

“But we just want to make sure that the person, in the four hours that they were at the domestic airport, did not move around very far and whether they went to any food courts or any other areas.”

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk also confirmed Queensland has reached a new vaccination milestone after a successful vaccination campaign over the weekend.

Over 56,907 vaccines were delivered over the ‘Super Pfizer Weekend’, which saw all vaccination hubs across the state open their doors across the two days and made themselves available to walk-ins too.

Queensland Health delivered a total of 178,808 vaccinations in the last 7 days which is over 32,500 more than the previous week.

“That is absolutely tremendous news,” Annastacia Palaszczuk said.

The Health Minister said they were still waiting on official numbers but were confident the uptake meant the state had reached 60 per cent of the population receiving their first dose.

“We’ll know in the next couple of days exactly what that uptake meant,” Ms D’Ath said

“But what we do know is we would have tipped over the 60 per cent mark of first vaccinations

“And we were sitting on 41.47 fully vaccinated on the 18th.”

“So with our weekend, the GP’s and our community pharmacies, I know we’ve topped the 60 per cent.

“So well done Queensland!”

The state government is now looking into when it can hold another similar event to try and increase the vaccination rate even further.