Qld refuses to apologise over test drama as state hits 85% first dose rate

The Queensland Deputy Premier has refused to apologise for the state government’s part in the PCR test drama, instead accusing the federal government of trying to confuse people.

It was confirmed on Tuesday night that travellers to Queensland would not have to pay up to $150 for a COVID test to get into the state once the borders reopen, despite days of frustration and confusion.

Steven Miles blamed both the federal government and the media for the drama.


“We weren’t writing those stories, you all were,” Mr Miles said.

“I’d urge you to go back and see the background of them, see where they were coming from.

“We called on the Commonwealth to set the record straight.

“We don’t do the tests in New South Wales, we don’t do the tests in Victoria, we do the tests in Queensland.

“We said we would continue to provide those tests in Queensland for people needing to travel to other states and we urged the Commonwealth to provide the clarity that they have now provided.”

The Deputy Premier accused Federal MPs of using PCR tests as part of an “orchestrated campaign”.

“Given the number of Federal MPs who commented on it, I suspect it was another backgrounding campaign from them to distract from their own leadership tensions,” he said.

“There was clearly an orchestrate campaign to confuse people.”

It comes as Queensland reaches the 85 per cent first dose vaccination rate.

85.01 per cent of eligible residents have received one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and 74.07 per cent are double dosed.

The state only has three active COVID cases, which is the lowest number for all of 2021.

It has also been 14 days since the last local case on the Gold Coast, officially ending the recent cluster in the city.