Qld reinstates border pass system as Melbourne cluster grows

The State Government has announced they are bringing back the border pass declaration system for anyone who travels to Queensland from Victoria.

It means that as of 1.00 am this Saturday, anyone who has been in Victoria will be required to fill out a border declaration form to enter the sunshine state.

The move comes in the wake of the COVID-19 situation at Melbourne’s Holiday Inn, with that virus cluster now standing at eight cases.


Acting Health Minister Steven Miles said that at this stage it is still too early to declare Melbourne a COVID-19 hotspot, however, he said the border passes will make it easier for Queensland Health to gather information should the situation worsen.

“That will allow us to check whether they have been in any of the locations that have been identified by the Victorian contact tracers, whether they are required to get tested and to notify them and require that they isolate if that is the case,” he said.

“And also keep a record of people coming to Queensland from areas that may, down the track, need to be declared a hot spot so we can contact them. It just means we’re a little bit less reliant on getting information, particularly from airlines.”

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk also confirmed the news, tweeting “From 1am on Saturday, 13 February, Queensland will reinstate border declaration passes for anyone travelling to Queensland from Victoria.”

“The coronavirus cluster in Melbourne has now grown to eight cases, but thankfully there is no community transfer at this stage,” the Premier said.

“Our top priority is keeping Queenslanders safe and we will continue to monitor the situation closely.

“As a precaution, travellers will need to confirm they have not been to any of the exposure sites listed by Victoria’s Department of Health.”

To view the list of affected venues in Greater Melbourne, you can visit the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services website.

Border checkpoints will not be reinstated at this stage, however, police have previously admitted they can be back up and running within 24 hours of being notified of border changes.

Queensland has recorded one new case in the past 24 hours, with a returned traveller testing positive in hotel quarantine.

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Like they can afford to do that.

Over 8 flu cases 🤔

my daughters friend just came back from Melbourne last night, now tomorrow at 1am there is a problem, but now is ok, I told him to go get tested anyway, but he rang up the hotline and they said nope your all good.. And this is why we will never get rid of it, because no one knows what they are doing, now we just have to hope he doesn’t have anything and doesn’t take out two households with small children in them

Last edited 4 months ago by Shannon

Yes fly in and have to comply, but at this stage you can drive into the state with no checks or consequences.
Thanks for keeping QLD safe!
If there was an election we would all be in lockdown and wearing masks in the home by now..

Acting health minister Steven Miles is the operative word.
The whole government are competing for best actor awards for the next 3 years just so they can retain their cushy roles into the future.
They need to keep the Covid dream alive until then!

I’m flying in tomorrow 8am 13th Feb from Melb (NOT a hotspot), need to grab a declaration however QLD Health are yet to update it on their website so frustrating when you are trying to do the right thing! Anyone know if I can sign one when I land? Thanks heaps