Qld shoppers urged to cool it in the carpark, following thousands of bingles

We’re being warned to take it easy in shopping centre car parks this silly season, after thousands of insurance claims for car park crashes this year.

The RACQ has revealed almost 10,000 Queenslanders made claims over the past year, after having a bingle in the basement.

Around a fifth of those happened within the late November and December period, right around the time we’re all trying to get the Chrissy shopping sorted.


RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross says the happy holidays are actually the unhappiest time for carpark etiquette.

“We really see the silly season set in over late November and December, with more than 1,800 claims for carpark crashes last year.

“Whether it’s shopping for Christmas presents or school holiday activities, tempers flare during this time.

“It’s really important Queenslanders take a few breaths before tackling the busy shopping centre carparks during this stressful time,” Ms Ross said.

She’s even got a few tips for those still needing to hit the shops before the big day.

“Try and shop at off-peak times, early in the morning or late at night, to reduce your chance of a bingle,” Ms Ross said.

“If you can, park further away from entrances, trolley bays and busy parts of the carpark. Having to walk for an extra minute or two is worth it if it means avoiding a scrape!

“If you do get caught in a crash, remember to exchange all your details and go straight to your insurer for help,” she said.