Qld teacher’s letter goes viral in cyber safety lesson

A Queensland maths teacher’s bid to display just how ‘viral’ the internet can be, is gaining ground.

Paula Beare (pictured below) from Toowoomba posted a photo of a letter to Facebook on Friday, asking everyone to share it.

“Next week I need to present to the Year 9 students about cyber-safety and I wish to see how far this message will go based on my account’s security settings,” the letter reads.


“Please help me by sharing this message as far as you can.”

By lunchtime on Sunday (just two days after the original post), Ms Beare’s letter had been directly shared almost 48,000 times.

She explains that the calculations will be presented to colleagues on Monday and to the students on Wednesday.

So, now it’s time for you to get sharing and show our kids how posting something to their small network can soon go viral.