Qld tightens border rules as concerns grow over Sydney cluster

Queensland has announced tougher border rules for people entering the state from New South Wales with everyone requiring a border pass from Sunday.

Residents from Greater Sydney and the Central Coast will also be required to be tested when they arrive in Queensland and self-quarantine until they get their results.

It comes as the Gold Coast is placed on alert after traces of COVID-19 were detected in the city’s sewage.


Fragments were also detected in sewage in Townsville, North Cairns and Cleveland.

Queensland Health has also been advised that there are 11 close contacts from the Sydney cluster currently in the state.

All have been tested and are now in self-quarantine.

From 1am on Sunday all people entering Queensland from New South Wales will require a border declaration pass.

Residents from Sydney’s northern beaches will have to apply for an exemption to enter Queensland and, if granted, go into hotel quarantine for 14 days.

Queensland residents returning from the northern beaches will also be forced to enter hotel quarantine.

Anyone arriving from Greater Sydney or the Central Coast will be asked to have a COVID test on arrival and self-quarantine until they receive their results.

That will help us trace and make sure we contain any possible cases in our community,” Health Minister Yvette D’ath said.

“This is about making sure we keep all Queenslanders safe while people travel around all the Christmas holidays.”

Ms D’ath says checkpoints at road borders will not be returning at this stage.

“We won’t be having border controls, barriers at the borders, but what we will be doing is putting signs up that let everyone know they should have a border pass, and the police will be doing random audits and checks as people come across the borders,” Ms D’ath said.

“That’s already started, and the signs will be going up shortly.”

Police have processed 3640 people flying into Queensland from New South Wales in the last 48 hours.

There has been 174 people who have been directed to get tested and self-quarantine.

Just one person has been directed into hotel quarantine since 1am this morning, while four others chose to return to New South Wales.

Queenslanders are again being urged to reconsider plans to travel to New South Wales, warning that further restrictions could be announced at any moment.

“For Queenslanders who are considering travelling to New South Wales, we seriously ask you to reconsider your plans and do not go to New South Wales currently while these cases are ongoing and there are more cases likely to occur over the coming days,” Ms D’ath said.

“Queenslanders do not want to find themselves travelling to greater Sydney and ending up potentially having to quarantine for 14 days. That’s why we’re saying you should rethink travel plans.

“There is a possibility that declaration could occur sometime in future and they may find themselves stuck because of those declarations.”