Qld to launch DV task force to look into ‘coercive control’ laws

Queensland will today unveil a new independent task force to better deal with legislation around domestic violence.

The task force will focus on laws around ‘coercive control’, which addresses behaviour such as controlling what someone wears, limiting access to money, tracking someone’s location, controlling who they see and persistent texting.

The head of the task force will be unveiled by the Queensland Premier later today, but the task force is expected to consult a wide variety of people in order to determine what changes can be implemented.


“It’s important we have legislation that means we can protect victims from perpetrators quickly,” the Premier’s announcement on social media reads.

“As our next step, we will be appointing an eminent person to chair and independent taskforce.

“The taskforce will consult with a wide range of survivors, domestic, family and sexual violence service providers, legal experts, domestic and family violence experts, and the community.”

More information on the task force will be announced later today, but the Premier tweeted that ‘coercive control, like other forms of domestic and family violence, needs to be everybody’s business’.

“Domestic and family violence casts a shadow across our entire community, in every corner of our state.

“It’s an issue felt too often by Queensland families.

“Together with Queenslanders, we have implemented all 140 recommendations of the Not Now, Not Ever report. But we know there is more work to do,” the tweet reads.

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Another task force!
Spend the money on another prison, way out west and get the magistrates to enforce the law!

its called kicking the can down the road, wait another year and see if anything has changed or been actioned,though the record of this government doesn’t inspire much confidence.

Form for this government is that any recommendations will be bought up at the next election