Qld to make Sydney border decision tomorrow

After months of remaining shut off to our friends over the border, it looks like there could be some hope in sight.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has confirmed a decision on whether Queensland will reopen the border to Greater Sydney will be made on Thursday.

“We will be making that decision tomorrow,” Premier Palaszczuk told reporters on Wednesday.


“So I will be taking advice by Doctor Jeanette Young and the Health Minister and we will be carefully looking at those issues.

“We previously said we would make that decision by tomorrow,” the Premier added.

It comes after NSW again recorded zero locally acquired COVID-19 cases today, the state’s 10th consecutive day without a new local case.

The encouraging numbers have again ignited calls from frustrated local business owners, who have been pleading for the border to reopen for months.

Greater Sydney has been shut out of the Sunshine State since before Christmas, with the state’s tourism industry copping the brunt of the border closure.

During what is usually the busiest time of the year, local hotels and tourism operators were left dealing with last-minute cancellations after Queensland declared Greater Sydney a COVID-19 hotspot just days before the holiday rush.

The NSW Premier has been vocal over her thoughts on border closures, constantly calling out her Queensland counterpart.

“Border closures have a huge and, I believe, unnecessary impact on the community when they don’t need to happen,” Ms Berejiklian said last week.

“I appreciate the Queensland Government has certainly moderated its approach to borders but I’d like to see it moderated even further. There is currently no hotspot anywhere in Australia.”

The State’s top doctor has hinted that if NSW continues its streak of no new cases, the border will hopefully reopen to Greater Sydney by the end of the month.

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Just open up and stop taking advice from your so called experts

Yea that’s a great strategy just ask Trump