Qld toddler ‘lucky to be alive’ after swallowing 24 button batteries

A child swallowing a button battery is every parents worst nightmare.

But that was the reality for Toowoomba mother Hope, after her two-year-old daughter Saphira swallowed not one, not two, but 24 button batteries.

The terrifying incident happened last Saturday night at a home in Toowoomba, when the toddler got into a packet of button batteries believing they were lollies.


The toddler suffered superficial burns to her stomach and was airlifted to the Queensland Children’s Hospital in Brisbane.

PHOTO: Supplied to myGC by Queensland Ambulance

Hope was told her daughter was only an hour away from sustaining permanent severe damage, however after undergoing emergency surgery she miraculously came out okay.

The frightening incident has prompted authorities to issue an urgent warning for parents to remain vigilant of children around button batteries, and toys that contain button batteries, especially ahead of Christmas.