Qld vaccination rates lag as businesses discuss mandatory jabs

Queensland looks to be the last state to reach the magical 80 per cent vaccination target.

New figures uncovered by Newscorp show that just 25.2 per cent of the state is fully vaccinated at the moment, while 43.5 per cent have had one jab.

It puts us behind every other Australian state and territory bar Western Australia.


It could be Christmas before we reach the target.

Even if we do, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk still won’t promise there won’t be lockdowns.

“There’s still the discretion that some lockdowns are able to be done in specific areas,” she told reporters in Broadbeach yesterday.

Meantime, the federal government is preparing to meet with businesses and unions at a roundtable today, with mandatory vaccinations set to top the agenda.

Business is looking for clarity about whether or not it can mandate vaccines in the workplace, while unions want to see paid vaccination leave for all workers.