QLD virus cases hit 900 but rate appears to be slowing

The number of new cases of coronavirus in Queensland continues to slow with just 27 more positive tests overnight.

The State’s total has now reached 900.

Four of those new cases were on the Gold Coast, with the city’s total now at 170.


Across Queensland, 56 people are being treated in hospital with eight of those in intensive care.

Today’s statewide increase is the lowest since March 18.

Health Minister Steven Miles says while daily numbers will move around, the trend is heading in the right direction.

“Last Saturday when I was here, the week before we had seen 380 positive results. In the last week to today we’ve seen just 276,” Mr Miles said.

“So we’re trending down in terms of the numbers of positive results and that is because of the effectiveness of the measures we’ve put in place.”

The number of days it’s taken for cases to double in Queensland has slowed from three or four days, to nine or ten.

But officials have repeatedly warned that Queensland is still months away from reaching its peak.

“The evidence is telling me we are about two or three weeks behind NSW and the peak could be in July, August, September,” Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said on Friday.

“There is extensive modelling, there is extensive preparation happening.

“We are looking at six months of dealing with COVID-19 in Queensland. We haven’t even started to climb the curve.”

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt says while the daily rate of infections across Australia is continuing to drop, we still need to observe social distancing and self-isolation to stop the spread.

“It’s beginning to yield life saving benefits and these are literally life saving benefits,” Mr Hunt told Nine.

“This is the moment where each of us can help save lives or anybody who does the wrong thing can put other lives at risk.”

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