QLD VOTES | Dr Richard Stuckey to run for seat of Currumbin

The husband of a former Gold Coast MP has confirmed he will try and take over her old seat in the upcoming Queensland election.

Dr Richard Stuckey made the shock announcement on Friday night that he would be running for the seat of Currumbin in the October 31 poll.

His wife, Jann Stuckey, was the member for Currumbin for 16 years before retiring earlier this year, revealing she had been battling depression for some time. Ms Stuckey then tore up her LNP membership, accusing the party of deceit and disrespect and claimed she was the victim of relentless bullying.


“It is important to note that no other workplace would put up with the level of bullying, personal attacks and insults that take place in politics. It’s getting worse and it needs to change,” Ms Stuckey said at the time.

Her husband, Richard, has confirmed he will be running as an Independent in the seat.

“I decided to stand as an Independent candidate for Currumbin to raise awareness of specific health issues and to advocate for a better deal for residents of the Currumbin electorate,” he said in a statement.

“From the outset, let me make this very clear, this decision to nominate as a candidate was made completely by me, as a passionate local resident of over 30 years.

“During my 40 years practising as a GP, I chose to focus on some of the more challenging areas of medicine like mental health, autism, aged care.

“I also treated patients in nursing homes for most of this time.

“My long standing interest in the Voluntary Assisted Dying debate prompted me to join Doctors for Assisted Dying Choice.

Dr Stuckey said he would be advocating for several health issues as well as heavy rail to the airport.

“The upgrade currently happening to the M1 from Varsity to Tugun was a drawn out and hard-fought battle that saw our community petition force Labor into action on this long-awaited piece of infrastructure,” Dr Stuckey said.

“However, there hasn’t been any real movement on heavy rail since the construction of the Varsity station in 2009 even though the majority of Currumbin residents indicated they preferred heavy rail to light rail.

“That’s why I am advocating for heavy rail to the airport, thorough community consultation on future light rail routes, red tape reduction for our small businesses and holding Government to account.”

Ms Stuckey took to social media to congratulate her husband on the announcement.

“I am so proud of husband Richard for deciding to run at the sate election as a true Independent in Currumbin.,” she said on Facebook.

“He brings a calm voice of reason and decades of first- hand experience.”

The seat is currently held by the LNP’s Laura Gerber, who took over the seat following a by-election in March this year.