Qld wide roll-out of body worn cameras for police

Police across Queensland are being given access to body worn cameras.

Commissioner Ian Stewart and Police Minister Bill Byrne are expected to front the media to announce the roll-out on Thursday morning.

In November 2015, frontline officers on the Gold Coast started wearing body-worn video cameras thanks to a $6 million investment from the Queensland Government.


Then Police Minister Jo-Ann Miller said she was committed to ensuring the QPS was able to take advantage of new technology to make policing easier and more efficient.

“This roll out is not just an election commitment, but also an important part of our four point action plan to address cultural and other policing issues in the Gold Coast District,” Minister Miller said.

“In the Action Plan, we committed to fast-tracking the roll out of 300 new Body Worn Video cameras to the Gold Coast. The roll out also forms an important part of a comprehensive domestic violence package announced by the Premier.”

Minister Miller said Body Worn Video cameras would greatly assist frontline officers on the Gold Coast.

“The Gold Coast District is one of the busiest in Queensland with more than 1.5 million interactions between the police and the public here every year,” Minister Miller said.

“BWV will greatly assist our Gold Coast police in dealing with serious incidents like Domestic and Family Violence by enhancing evidence-gathering and giving victims extra reassurance that police will follow up their complaints.”

Commissioner Ian Stewart said BWV would also provide greater reassurance to Queenslanders in their day-to-day dealings with officers.

“BWV greatly assists our officers in gathering evidence and dealing with complaints,” Commissioner Stewart said.