VIDEO: Qld woman confronted by venomous red-bellied black snake on windscreen

A Sunshine Coast woman got the fright of her life, when confronted by a red-bellied black snake whilst driving 110km/h.

Tamara Duff first spotted the venomous reptile when it slid under her car at the petrol station.

As she was running late for work, Ms Duff decided to ignore it and got into her car.


Whilst driving down the Bruce Highway at Forrest Glen, the snake decided to reappear and popped its head up on the windscreen.

Ms Duff managed to pull over and called local snake catcher Richie Gilbert, who came to her rescue.

Mr Gilbert posted a video showing him pulling out the slithering large red-bellied black snake from Ms Duff’s car bonnet, which has attracted the attention of hundreds on social media.

CARAAAAZY STORY! So you see a black snake with a red belly go up under your car while your filling up with petrol. What do you do? Jump in and drive to work of course. Haha. Today I got a call from Tamara after she had done exactly this. She would have been late for work and thought it may have just been a harmless tree snake that would find its own way out. Problem is while she was driving on the Bruce highway it decided to come out from under her bonnet and it was a venomous Red-Bellied Black Snake. She pulled over at the Nambour & Maroochydore exit and called me. The rest you can watch here on the video. A friend of mine works for 7 local news and saw a photo I posted about this on my personal page. They came out to film the release and now the story has been running on 7 local news as well as around Australia and tomorrow morning Tamara & I will be on the Sunrise TV show at around 7am. Crazy story and Tamara was such a legend, so cool under pressure and She did an awesome job filming on my iPhone. Enjoy!-Richie-

Posted by Sunshine Coast Snake Catcher 24/7 – Richie Gilbert on Monday, September 21, 2015