Qld Woman jailed for sickening animal cruelty of pet dog

A Queensland woman has been sentenced to three months in prison and banned from owning an animal for ten years for horrifically neglecting her dog.

The 45-year-old Maryborough woman appeared in court on animal neglect charges, after her dog ‘Boof’ was found with severe diseases as a result of sickening neglect.

In court, the woman said that she loved the dog and had done all she could to help him, but her partner at the time, who was a part owner of the animal, refused to get him treatment.


Magistrate John Smith told the woman that some people should not own animals.

“I would hate to see you with an animal that you don’t care for,” Magistrate Smith said.

“Some people should not have a pet and you are one of those people.”

The court was told that Boof had been neglected for several years. He was tethered and never let off the chain, had no proper shelter and was surrounded by long grass.

It was also revealed that Boof had an indent in his neck from his collar, he was emaciated and had a chronic skin condition, chronic bilateral conjunctivitis and a bilateral rupture of cruciate ligaments.

Boof sadly had to be euthanased on humane grounds after several weeks of treatment when it was discovered he had bilateral cruciate.

The Qld woman will be eligible for parole after a month and has been banned from having an animal for ten years.

“The last time anyone was sentenced to serve any time in jail was over seven years ago,” said RSPCA Qld spokesperson Michael Beatty.

“We’re delighted that the Magistrate recognised the severity of the charges and this will hopefully send a message to other people who seem to regard owning a pet as a right and not a privilege.”

“You cannot leave an animal tied up 24/7 and virtually starve it to death. It shows a complete lack of empathy.”