Qld woman wins $25,000 from birthday present scratchie

Best birthday present ever?

A Queensland woman said she immediately booked an optometrist’s appointment to ensure her “eyes weren’t deceiving her” after winning $25,000 on a scratchie gifted to her for her birthday.

The lucky woman scratched the $2 10 X The Cash Instant Scratch-Its ticket over the weekend and couldn’t believe her eyes when she realised she had won the big prize.


“I received this ticket as a gift from some relatives in Brisbane,” the Townsville woman told an official from the Lott when confirming her win this morning.

“I scratched it on my birthday, and it was a total shock. I felt so overwhelmed by it!

“When I first thought I’d won, I thought I was seeing things. I booked myself into the optometrist to get my eyes checked because I didn’t believe it.

“But then I got a family member to check it for me, and they confirmed it was real, so I cancelled the appointment.”

The woman said she was in so much shock she couldn’t even get up off the couch celebrate.

“I didn’t celebrate. I spent the afternoon trying to get over the shock. I sat on my couch for hours, just looking at the ticket. I was trying to process it all, she said.

“It certainly made my birthday very special. It was unexpected!

“I called my relatives to tell them the ticket they gave me won me $25,000. They were amazed as well!

The woman said she’s going to “spoil them a little” with the windfall and save the rest of the money for a rainy day.

“I’m a simple person, so I want to use the prize wisely. The news hasn’t even sunk in yet!”