Qlders demand plans and answers ahead of border reopening

Queensland businesses and those stranded interstate are calling for clarity ahead of the first stage of borders reopening next weekend.

Once the state hits 70 per cent double vaccination, which is expected to happen by Friday, November 19, Queenslanders will be allowed to fly back into the state provided they’re fully vaccinated, test negative and quarantine in their homes for two weeks.

It is just the first step of the border reopening, with more people to be allowed in once we hit the 80 per cent double dose vaccination in mid-December.


More than 750 businesses in Queensland want to know what restrictions might be placed on them over the Christmas season, concerned that the Check-In app may have to include people’s vaccination status.

They’re also wanting a plan for what happens if their business is exposed to Covid-19.

There are also mounting calls for what will happen at the border checkpoints once we start letting more people in.

If police are to continue checking every vehicle for their vaccination status, it could mean serious delays for regular commuters.

The NSW cross-border commissioner James McTavish has told The Today Show that they’ve been begging for information, but they’ve yet to hear anything.

“Rules around testing, tracing, isolation and quarantine, around daily life in advance of that, and around what we’re going to do about the stranded Queenslanders that are sitting in showgrounds and caravan parks and in people’s houses across NSW.

“We’d really like to get some answers in relation to that and to get that pretty soon,” Mr McTavish said.