Qlders ‘too relaxed’ about home security this Christmas, research reveals

Queenslanders are being urged to ramp up their security around the home this Christmas, especially if heading away.

The warning comes after it was revealed one in five home owners admitted they wouldn’t be taking any extra precautions to protect their home from a break-in while they’re on holidays.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said it was concerning that residents are failing to put in place simple security precautions during what’s being described as a high-risk time.


“Our insurance research shows many homeowners are pretty relaxed about their home security, which is a worry because there’ll be at least two or three houses on a street that become ‘easy’ targets for thieves,” Ms Ross said.

“To avoid coming home to a break-in, we’re urging homeowners to put in place a few simple measures to reduce the risk.

“Make sure you have a friend or neighbour on hand to collect your mail and get them to check on the property while you’re away. You can also look into installing security cameras to further deter thieves.”

Ms Ross said while some homeowners failed to add extra security protection, the research showed 18 to 34-year-old’s were more likely to install security cameras to keep watch over their property.

“While the younger generation is more open to installing CCTV on the property, people outside this demographic are more likely to follow more traditional home security tactics like leaving lights on and asking a neighbour to keep an eye out,” she said.

“Both are great options, but security cameras can be handy because in helping you deter thieves, but also pinpoint when and how a thief entered your home and what was taken – that’ll also help you with the insurance claim process, if you need to make one.

“Now the silly season’s kicked in, it’s really important we don’t become complacent in securing our homes.”