#QldFires | Mobile transmission sites help crews stay connected

THE use of Deployable Mobile Radio Transmission Sites (DMRTS) in fire-ravaged parts of Queensland has been credited for enabling emergency services to maintain communications on the ground.

The ‘radio cells on wheels’ extend the reach of the state’s Government Wireless Network – an integrated collection of secure communication frequencies relied on by Queensland’s public safety agencies.

Digital Technology Minister Mick de Brenni said four transmission sites were currently being used around Agnes Waters, while a fifth was positioned on Stradbroke Island.


“In these types of intense natural emergency situations, maintaining communications on the ground is paramount for our first responders,” Mr de Brenni said.

“With DMRTS, we can make sure our firefighters, police and other emergency personnel can communicate with each other, and the State Disaster Coordination Centre in Kedron.”

Three DMRTS are owned by the Queensland Government, while two are owned by Telstra.

“This arrangement with Telstra helps to boost our state’s response and recovery resources in times of emergencies,” Mr de Brenni said.

“Telstra staff also provide us with DMRTS maintenance services, helping to refuel trailers that are stationed in remote areas and are unable to run off grid power.”

Mr de Brenni said at times of crisis, it was important public safety agencies, government departments, strategic suppliers, and the community all banded together to support response and recovery efforts.

“We appreciate the support from Sibelco Enterprise, who helped the team from Telstra, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services and Queensland Police Service position the DMRTS trailer in the best location for service coverage on Stradbroke Island.

“The location where we needed the DMRTS featured quite awkward terrain, but together, using a bulldozer and sled, we were able to position it where it could maximise coverage and offer the most benefit to emergency responders.”