Qld’s rollout lagging as other states open mass vaccination sites

Queensland is coming under increased pressure to ramp up its vaccination program, as southern states leap ahead in their rollouts.

New South Wales opened their mass vaccination hub yesterday and is seeing a massive uptake in people getting the jab.

It’s hoping to vaccinate as many as 5,000 people a day, and will soon start on the 40-49-year-old age group too.


According to the latest figures, Victoria’s vaccination numbers jumped by over 35 per cent week-on-week since it opened a mass vaccination site. That’s equivalent to around 4,000 doses a day.

Meantime, Queensland continues to lag behind, with no plans yet for mass vaccination hubs. Our weekly rise in the same period was just 12 per cent.

Currently, there are no imminent plans for Queensland to open a mass vaccination site, with health officials claiming they’ll wait until they secure more Pfizer doses from the federal government.

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Don’t lie. The vaccination hub in Melbourne has been empty. Never trust the MSM!

Cannot even get into a hospital without a 12hr wait in QLD
Good luck trying to get a simple jab in QLD.

The only reason there is this mass publicity to have the vaccine is because the idiots in charge bought the wrong kind. They thought they were being clever grabbing all those early shipments and have been left with egg of their face. It’s a bit like the reduced to clear section at the supermarket. Not as fresh as the regular stuff and you take your chance eating it. When they offer me the Pfizer vaccine I will be first in the queue but no one has the right to demand I take one with more risks, however small.

Good for you and you only

Also want to add that the Seychelles, World’s most vaccinated country (70% of its population) is witnessing Covid-19 surge worse than India. They started with a vaccine from China before moving to a version of AstraZenica. Why is none of this being reported in the media? Because they prefer to treat us like mushrooms.

Keep us in the dark and feed us sh*t.

Last edited 1 month ago by deke

so why is Queensland dragging its feet giving vaccines, probably because the health care here is run by Labour

cause nobody wants the poison