Qld’s stern travel warning as VIC virus outbreak grows

The State Government has issued a stern warning to any Queenslanders considering travelling to Victoria – Don’t do it.

Western Australia has already slammed its border shut to Victoria due to the state’s latest outbreak, with speculation growing Queensland could soon follow suit.

It comes after Victoria recorded 10 new locally acquired cases today, all of which were announced yesterday.


All are linked to the New South Wales COVID-19 outbreak, with the virus spreading from an infected family and a group of removalists who entered the state from Sydney.

As a result, Victorians must again wear masks while indoors or in crowded outdoor spaces.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said she had one clear message for Queenslanders.

“So, if you are a Queenslander, do not go to Victoria at this time” the Premier said.

“If you are a Queenslander currently in Victoria, reconsider your travel and think about coming home if you can.

“The same goes with New South Wales as well, I cannot be clearer.”

The State’s top doctor said there’s every chance she may need to declare a COVID-19 hotspot should the situation continue to deteriorate.

“I strongly recommend, very strongly recommend, that people consider any need to go anywhere down to Victoria… Delay your travel if you can.

“If you are already down there, I think you should look at your risks in terms of whether you need to stay there.

“Because if there were to be an uncontained outbreak, then, of course, we would be declaring hotspots and asking people to quarantine on return.

“So, people really need to take that into consideration when working through all of their plans.”

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Queensland recorded three new local COVID-19 cases today, including a 12-year-old boy, his father and a worker at the Brisbane International Airport.

It means the planned easing of mask and gathering restrictions for the sunshine state, which was due to happen at 6am tomorrow, has now been held off for at least another week.