Qld’s vaccine orders dwindling as other states ramp up

There are concerns Queensland is falling way behind in its vaccine rollout, with new revelations the state government has significantly reduced its jab orders from Canberra.

Our weekly order at the end of April was just over 41,000 doses, but that number has recently fallen to 24,000 and 21,000 over the last two weeks.

Those order numbers are in line with Western Australia’s figures, but they’ve got half as many people to vaccinate.


Queensland Health says the reduced number is due to the recent health advice around the AstraZeneca dose, but the timeline doesn’t quite add up.

Newscorp revealed that when the updated health advice was released we were still ordering around 35,000 doses a week. It took two weeks for that number to drop off.

Queensland authorities will likely be questioned about the matter this morning.

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Ah yes and we all believe Murdoch press.