#QldVotes: Want to beat the queues on election day? Vote early – here’s how!

QUEENSLANDERS who want to avoid the long queues at the polling booths on election day can do so by casting their votes early, with pre-polling stations set to open across the state tomorrow.

More than 3.1 million people are registered to vote in the Queensland state election on November 25.

But for those who’ll be busy on the day, pre-polling booths will open tomorrow, Monday, November 13.


They’ll stay open for voters who want to get in early until Friday, November 24, a day before the election.

According to the Electoral Commision Queensland website, anyone can vote early, with “no special reason needed”.

Voting is compulsory and was changed to a full preferential system for state elections in April 2016, meaning voters will now have to number every box on the ballot paper, starting with a 1.

For a full list of pre-polling locations across the state, click here.

Polling booths will operate from 8am to 6pm on election day.

If you can’t vote on election day, or visit a pre-poll centre, you may be eligible to vote via the post or telephone.

Pre-poll centres will also be available at some overseas and interstate locations. For a full list of overseas pre-polling offices, click here. For interstate locations, click here.

Telephone Voting

A dedicated telephone voting system will be available prior to and on election day for eligible electors.

From 13 November 2017, you can contact ECQ on 1300 912 782 to register for this service. You must register prior to 12pm (noon) on election day.

Postal Voting

You have until 7pm on Wednesday, November 22 to apply for a postal vote.

If you are already registered as a special postal voter or silent elector, you don’t have to apply for a postal vote as one will automatically be sent to you.

If you need a replacement ballot paper, call the Voter’s Helpline below.

Electoral Visitor Voting

If you need a polling official to come to your address, please complete and return an electoral visitor vote application (PDF, 142.6 KB) by 7pm Wednesday, November 22.

If you qualify, a polling official will visit you during normal business hours.

To enrol to vote, or update your details, visit the Australian Electoral Commision website: aec.gov.au

If you have any questions about the election, you can call the Voter’s Helpline on 1 300 881 665 between 9 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday, or between 8 am to 6 pm on Polling Day.