QPS crackdown on fake rego and distracted drivers

Queensland Police have launched a three-month operation that aims to catch motorists using fake registration plates and unregistered vehicles as well as dangerous distracted drivers.

Road Policing Command Superintendent David Johnson noticed there had been an increase in the number of fake registrations on Queensland’s roads.

“We know those with false number plates are more likely to commit traffic offences and other criminal offences which puts our community at risk,” he said.


“Police use registration plates to trace stolen vehicles and vehicles involved in crime and life-endangering traffic offences such as disobeying red lights and speeding.”

He added these motorists also aren’t paying their fair share.

“The State Government has to foot the bill when motorists without insurance coverage cause crashes and injure others on our roads,” he said.

Operation Quebec will also crack down on drivers who use their mobile phone, don’t wear their seatbelt and run red lights.

Superintendent Johnson explained that there’s no leeway or excuses for his behaviour.

“Time and time again we see the loss of life on our roads when there’s just no need for it.”